me and my passion... Photography

I would spend every summer at my Grandmothers in Germany, and one of my most wonderful memories I have is of us all sat around the table asking my Oma to bring out the photos (every single year), the wooden box's would come out, filled with hundreds of prints, we would listen to stories, ask who old family members and friends were, the stories never got tired and I cherish this memory and the photographs she has now passed down to us.

I want to capture you and your family and all the wonderful and tiny details for you to look back on and to pass down, capturing moments that will last forever! They say "a picture speaks a thousand words", I feel a photograph is the most powerful legacy you can leave. 

My Oma and her identical twin sister, with their parents, my great grandparents. Taken almost 100 years ago.

The story of me and my camera

I've always loved photography, from my first Fisher Price camera when I was 2, to my first DSLR which my parents surprised me with on a Birthday many years ago. It has always felt effortless for me, I've been through stages of always having my camera in my hand and at every occasion, to times not picking it up for months. It never occurred to me to turn my lifelong hobby into my dream job, until I had my little boy Oliver, 3 years ago and I haven't put my camera down since.